Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dress Up

With a new little one on the way, we are in the process of putting my two little girls in the same room. We decided to go with bunk beds instead of two separate beds, and it left a lot of extra space that I need to do something with. I decided to do a little dress up area and having been searching for inspiration. Since I know the majority of you have little girls, I thought you mind be interested in what I found...............................

Love this little dress up storage tower. I think it would make a really cute Christmas present. This can be found at Pottery Barn Kids: Here  Or if you have a handy husband similar plans for a DIY project can be found: Here

                    You can use an old dresser or wardrobe like the one: Here

Picture from BHG
I am debating between having a storage tower/wardrobe or just putting hooks on the wall. Both of my girls are younger and I am not sure if they would ever get the dresses hung back on the hangers, but the hooks they should be able to do.

I don't have enough room to do this, but love the idea!